About us

GermanTech Co. Ltd. is a High-tech company founded by several Chinese scholars and entrepreneurs who have studied and worked in Europe. GermanTech builds up a cooperation platform between Germany and China in the field of measurement techniques and especially nanotechnologies. GermanTech represents now several German high-tech companies with world-wide recognised products and technologies. GermanTech also provides intensively technical consulting works and technical services.


GermanTech can provide widely international cooperation and service:


1): Representing German companies with worldwide market leadership mainly in nanotechnologies and surface sciences (some in laser technologies).

2): Providing sales and technical services.

3): Research and development of High-tech products mainly in the field of nanotechnology and optoelectronic measurement .

4): Offering professional consulting works for buid-up and configuration of surface analysis laboratory and nanotechnology centers.

5): Providing professional consulting works for nanotechnology projects and investments.